123 Debt gone

Problem specialise in debt management and debt collection. Hundreds of satisfied customers, both clients and businesses had 123debtgone help resolve their money problems. For years, they had been working successfully despite their inefficient tools.

The software the business was using was specially made for them about a decade ago. It gave the office admin and the accounts admin a basic set of tools to do their jobs within the company.
However, as a 6 person company, this wasn’t good enough. The salesmen, manager and other employees had to keep paper records and Excel sheets of their work, which might often become lost, forgotten or accidentally deleted.

On average, it took between 7-10 minutes to update a customer record using the old software. When a company is paying by the hour, these minutes become expensive. Existing records could not be updated.

The old software was incapable of changing existing records; it could only create new ones. In the event a client’s payment plan changed, a brand new profile would have to be created for the client. This meant that in order to keep record, there were multiple profiles per person.

They needed a system which could efficiently connect all members of their team’s work. The system needed to be able to adapt to change of plans, such as when banks changed a client’s payment plan. Because it was so out-dated, their software simply wasn’t cutting it any more.

So, 123debtgone approached SA Biz. We worked closely with them to analyse their system and their needs, and developed a solution.


An end-to-end software solution for their business, starting from scratch, was developed. This not only had the basic office admin and accounts admin modules, but had add-on sections for each of the other employees to use. These included a module for the sales/marketing people and a lead management module, allowing each employee’s work to be fully connected to the rest of the team.

A payments module was included as well to manage transactions. The manager could easily and/or automatically transfer money to the relevant banks and people and a list of transactions could be viewed to keep track.

A salesman could nowview his leads in the software anytime, whereas before he would have to manually keep track of an excel sheet.  The company could even generate reports detailing company income, payments, and more. Other analytics such as sales performance and customers could be viewed with the manager module.

Each customer’s records could be merged into one, easy, manageable record as the new software accommodates for changing plans, unlike its predecessor. Multiple profiles would no longer be needed.In the event a bank should change the payment plan, an existing customer record can be changed in, on average, half a minute. Compared to the previous average of 7-10 minutes, the new software allows records to be updated more than 10 times faster.


As a result, a day’s pay doesn’t have to be spent trawling through records any longer, as the new software is more efficient (more than 10 times faster) and cost effective.

All of the connected modules allow each individual to do their job whilst staying in sync with the team. Each employee has a module to cater for their role, and the Head Office module allows the Office Admin to keep up with the business.

The worry of changing plans is no more and multiple profiles are a thing of the past. Less paper documents need to be exchanged within the business, and data is managed entirely by the software eliminating the need for another Excel spread sheet.

The company’s increased efficiency has brought them further success and higher revenues ever since!


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