Keg Toss

Keg toss is an action game packed with realistic graphic designing and engaging game-play which makes it almost addictive. Speedily swipe the barrel upwards to flick and throw it as far as possible and earn points.

Fruit Carnival

Fruit Carnival is an interesting game app played amidst a dreamy location with lush greenery, the player is required to funnel some beautiful looking fruits into a basket while the fruits appear in an interestingly unpredictable manner on the screen from all sides

Apple for Everyone

Apple for Everyone is an iPad application that can be played by persons of any age group,All you need is intelligence and understanding of gravitational force.

Sikhism FAQ’s

This app aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about Sikhism ,designed for both iphone and ipad

Surgical Radiology

It is a surgical /medical educational app developed for surgical students,designed for iphone and ipad.


Its a  perfect app for young fashionistas ,with real looking clothes modelled on the latest runway styles but appropriate for children  armed with lots of clothes, hairstyles and accessories .

Surgical Pimpapalooza

Its  an extensive surgical question and answer database developed for all residents and medical students.


Allusionary is a fun and educational game, where you can test your knowledge of the literary references and score as many points.

Vade Mecum

A multilingual reference app developed in 3 languages namely English ,Portugese and Spanish Its for iPad,iPhone and iPod touch.

Good fish

An iPhone, iPad app developed ,it helps  anglers share the catch and find the bite Photo enabled, GPS location based app.

This iPhone app developed for the Sikh community, helps in the constant remembrance of God’s name by constant repetition and recital of Nam. This is a kind of Simran.

This app for iPhone gives a facility to select one currency and then view the value of this currency in multiple currencies of the world.

I Cart

This app for iphone helps users order food and beverages for Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch. You can view categories, lists of food items and details of them to order.Order processing is handled outside the application on client’s web site which is shown within the application using the web view feature.

imusic share

This app is for those curious minds who would like to know which music tracks their friends are listening to or to share the track names which they are listening..

iPhone (motionPHR …)

iPhone only PHR with secure data plus password protected. Your health is in your hands, safe and secure. We are the only mobile PHR with encrypted data for your protection.

Food Menus:

Food menus let you, make intelligent dining choices by bringing a 100,000+ repository of restaurant menus from all across the US right to your phone.You can browse, save or email restaurant menus, and make the best dining choices for you and your fellow diners!

PDF Reader pro:

PDF Reader Pro is famous has a great user interface, PDF scanner feature, easy file access (Wi-Fi, USB, and cloud storage), outstanding PDF rendering speed, and powerful annotation tools. As if you were having a portable office.


Its an Android app,which has many features for taking different notetypes.A notepad application where you can create text-, voice- and paint-notes.

Hotel Near me

This app is developed in Android,and it gives the information to the users for hotels near his location,there is also an advanced search feature

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