City Apartments


City Apartments Ltd is a successful company dealing in serviced apartments in Milton Keynes, Northampton and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay for a while, you can find it with City Apartments Ltd. Based in Milton Keynes, they have seen a good bit of success despite being quite new to the scene.


As City Apartments grew, their internet traffic increased dramatically. Their Flash-based website was not only out-dated, but it didn’t have much content either. It was difficult to update and maintain. In a nutshell, it didn’t do their company justice.

They needed a new website which not only enticed users but also enticed search engines. They also needed a function to allow users to book their apartments online. It was at this point they decided to come to SA Biz.


Using a bespoke CMS, a new website was built which was not only attractive but informative and most importantly SEO friendly!

The website featured a payment integration system to save the people at City Apartments time and effort. Much like other web stores, consumers could now make online payments to book their apartments.

Once the new website had been created, our SEO team worked on improving the site’s organic visibility.


Their new website (click here) finally reflects their standing in the market, and has improved their corporate and customer visibility. The whole transaction process from the booking of the apartment to the confirmation email is automated now, saving City Apartments time and money with every click.

Articles can be updated by City Apartments whenever they please through a CMS (Content Management System) instead of having to struggle with updating their old Flash website.The office staff manages the new site effortlessly at will.

Importantly, web traffic has increased ever since – City Apartments climbed the Google (click here) ranks significantly and are still reaping the rewards. The site can be found on the first and second results pages on Google even today, months after the SEO services.

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