City Camping Milton Keynes


City Camping Ltd is a company who sell campsite pitches for live events such as concerts. The Milton Keynes based company have had some sell-out successes in recent years. The competition is high, but their success carries on today.


In 2011, City Camping Ltd had to find some land to lease for a Foo Fighters concert near Milton Keynes. They leased a piece of land from Willen Lake management and needed to sell all of their available pitches before the concert.

They had a limited budget however, and did not want to overspend on advertisements and/or promotion. Time was also an issue; some pitches were selling but their website wasn’t getting as many hits as they needed, and it was looking like a bad investment if they didn’t sell their pitches soon.

At the time, the website was a flash-based offering only the basic information. Very few pages were available. Many of the customers who had been browsing the site left uninterested.

With just 2 months before the Foo Fighters concert at the Milton Keynes stadium, CityCamping still had a lot of pitches left to be sold. They needed to sell them, quickly.

It was at this point they decided to get in touch with SA Biz.


Starting with a web audit to determine what information the site was lacking, we edited the site to make sure it fulfilled its purpose and provided necessary information to customers. This included information on the campsites themselves and other basic important information.

 Next, our Social Media Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation teams researched and determined the right keywords and optimised the flash-based website. Our SEO teams also began a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign in order to boost traffic, and the results speak for themselves.


After the web audit and onsite SEO, the site had relevant and useful information on display, and had soared up the Google ranks.

As a result, the website (which was previously receiving ~35 hits per day) was swarmed with 550-600 hits a day. With 2 weeks left before the event, all of the pitches had sold out and the management could concentrate their efforts on making the arrangements for the campsite.


- Search Engine Optimisation
- Social Media Optimisation
- Pay-per-click


3000% increase in traffic after services



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