City Camping SEO campaign 2012


City Camping Ltd is a seasonal business based in Milton Keynes. They rent out campsite pitches to campers for large live events such as concerts or festivals. They have previously been involved with sell-out concerts such as the Foo Fighters in 2011.


The Swedish House Mafia was going to be performing at the MK Dons stadium, so first of all City Camping needed to find some land.

The Foo Fighters concert in 2011 was a sell-out, so the previous venue Willen Lake was first on the list to try. The management of Willen lake, however, didn’t want to lease it to City Camping seeing how successful it had been the previous year and wanted to sell the pitches themselves.

An alternate venue was found and City Camping began selling pitches but this time Willen lake too had also jumped on the bandwagon.

Competition was high, and the old flash website design wasn’t good enough any longer. Not only was it unattractive to customers, it was hard to use. It made managing content, SEO campaign and sales difficult as it had no built-in payment or content management systems. Especially with all of the competition, this was driving away potential customers.

Not to mention that time was marching on. City Camping still needed to sell their remaining pitches, and quickly. They didn’t have time to waste on admin duties and manually matching up payments.

City Camping was in need of a brand new, eye catching website to make their lives easier, entice customers and to catch up with their competitors. It was at this point City Camping decided to approach SA Biz once again.



After an in-depth analysis, we re-vamped the website with a fresh and cool look, design and with a plethora of new features which were both user and client friendly.

The new website automated the processes of booking, payments, sending confirmation letters and emails (with manual options as well) and has an integrated online payment system. Campers could now book a pitch online and the entire transaction was now processed automatically.

The new website uses a CMS (Content Management System), making the site easy to update. Articles and pages can be added or edited from the back end seamlessly.

Overall, the new website’s backend was also designed to reduce the time spent on admin tasks such as sending emails, checking who has paid and dealing with banks etc. Some useful business analysis tools to check pitches sold, money made and other reports were incorporated into the backend as well.

The new website was much more SEO friendly, so as soon as it was complete our SEO teams could begin optimisation successfully.



The new website (click here to view) was receiving many more hits every day in the weeks before the concert. Not only was the site getting more traffic, thanks to the payment system customers were booking their pitches online. Employees no longer had to match up payments manually; their website was selling the pitches for them automatically!

The site featured second on Google for ‘Swedish house mafia UK’, beaten only by the official Swedish House Mafia website.

Despite competition muscling in on their success, City Camping sold even more pitches than the previous year.

The 2012 Swedish House Mafia concert was a sell-out much just as the Foo Fighters concert in 2011 was, so look out for City Camping and their big events in the coming days.



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