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Sometimes companies are faced with a challenging job of gathering data from various sources as their existing database is not sufficient for launching their dream web portal live or to further their marketing research.

If you need help with compiling business information lists from scratch, cross checking  or  updating existing lists ,Our expert team can meet your needs, we can build lists, reports or create business information packs from data, that is freely available in the public domain or captured from different sources  on the web such as websites,  trade publications or  directories.

All you give is the simple set of requirements of what you want us to start collecting and from which source we need to collect from, we then collect this data from scratch. Depending on your requirements such as numbers and time lines, we opt either for full or partial automation.

The entire data is freshly compiled as per your specifications and is wholly owned by you at the completion of the project for your exclusive use.

The various services we provide are: 

  • Form filling.
  • Online Data entry.
  • Data scrapping.
  • Data entry from scanned documents.
  • Data conversion.
  • Data Mining.

Quality Assurance:

  • Validation of Fields.
  • Random and Sample checking of data.
  • Physical verification of data.

At SA Biz UK Ltd, we believe that speed and accuracy are as important as quality. We ensure that all our data capture or data entry members undergo an intensive 3 week training programme and all our data scraping activities include high quality QA teams.

For all your Data Scraping  needs please feel free to contact SA Biz UK Ltd  or call us on 01234 862141.


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