SA Biz UK has identified that the current work force of HSMP’s/Tier 1 visa holders and students in the contract segment in the IT market always had and still has very good opportunities in the European countries namely Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and France.

Getting the right contact that would not only provide immigration services in the shortest possible time but also the services of a company which would take care of the entire payroll and billing, was always a big issue. We are sure; many of you would agree that at some point either you or your friends have missed very good opportunities because of this.

SA Biz UK has the right contacts throughout Europe and can help you with the processing of work permits for Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland at a reasonable price, within the shortest possible time.

We can help professionals who are experienced, highly skilled and who are keen to get into the United Kingdom under the new Point based system -Tier 1 General programme, formerly called as Highly Skilled Migrant Programme-HSMP.

We work closely with successful Immigration Consultants who are OISC registered and can successfully help you with the processing of HSMP permits under the Tier one system.

Once again you can be assured that all your immigration and administration processes are being taken care of by a professional and reliable company.

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