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By listening carefully to your business needs and what people are saying on social media, we can help you to adopt an approach that is right for you. As a leading social media consultancy in Bedford, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, we specialise in the development and delivery of innovative, creative, customised approaches to social media that will complement, or drive, your marketing strategy.


There are millions of conversations occurring across the social media while you are reading these lines; It is time to ask yourself this important question, are you doing enough to make sure yours is heard? At SA Biz UK Ltd, we utilise social media effectively to influence customers online and help you to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales through your website.


Social media Optimisation is not just about Tweets, shares and likes; it is all about placing your brand in front of a virtual audience effectively so that it   can create the greatest amount of impact. We understand this fact very well and we can help deliver a bespoke social media strategy that is tailored to suit your social media optimisation needs and goals. Our specialist Social Media Optimisation teams develop and execute innovative social media marketing strategies to inform, engage, and provide a “better” brand experience by interfacing as part of your customer’s social life.


Our social media marketing  activities include:

  • Social media profile creation & management
  • Micro blogging (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Forum posting and reviews
  • Blog promotion and management
  • Social bookmarking
  • Video marketing and promotion
  • Community building and monitoring
  • Social media optimization
  • social media monitoring
  • Social media distribution

If you have an in house social media marketing team and just need an expert perspective, we are happy to provide social media marketing consulting services as well.

Contact us today to grow your business with affordable social media marketing services.


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