Stone Experts


Stone Experts GmbH is a German company which provides stone to its customers for flooring, roofing and commercial sales.


Despite being a fairly successful business, Stone Experts GmbH did not have a good looking website; the site which existed was old, out-dated and frankly not user friendly.

Aside from pleasing their commercial customers, the company is also involved in taking part in charity work in 3rd world countries. Their good work was going unnoticed.

Potential customers viewing the site wanted to know the stone they were buying. It is understandable – it would be like buying paint without knowing its colour. Customers wanted an insight to what they were buying. At this point, the Stone Experts decided to come to us.


We created a new website from scratch with a bespoke Content Management System (CMS). The old website was scrapped for one which Stone Experts GmbH can post and update articles, company news and most importantly display their products.

The customers who were looking for insight before buying can now see photo previews of the stones available and can browse the website news and information. Stone Experts can update these galleries as new stones are introduced.


The new website is still in use today and is Stone Experts can update it as they please, with increased web traffic ever since the new site launched!

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