Are you looking for an umbrella company?

Choosing the right Umbrella Company makes a big difference.

SA Biz UK Limited based in Bedford, will provide you a safe, simple, convenient and compliant employment method for all of those contractors who do not want the hassles and responsibilities of running their own company.

Our complete Umbrella services solution will save you time, money and worries and free you from hassles.

You are well protected by the umbrella company’s insurance covers (Employer’s liability, Public liability and Professional liability.

Having endured all the difficulties to secure a contract job, the next thing you would like to do is to concentrate on your job and use a hassle free trustworthy billing/ Umbrella Company that can take care of all the administration works while you work.

While you are working, we take care of your paperwork with the employment agencies, timesheets, invoicing, chasing up payments with the employment agencies, payroll, expenses, P60 and most importantly we will pay you in time by taking care of all the taxation legally, to sum it up in a single word, we will take care of all the administration needs.

As an umbrella company SA Biz UK will provide you with all these services; we provide you a genuine service by taking care of all your payroll related needs. We always make sure that we abide by the tax rules of the Inland Revenue and ensure that both your interests and ours are protected.

When you become our employee you will be covered through a proper contract of employment, you will be independent to secure the contract of your choice for how much and for what duration.

We can deal with all accountancy and some tax related matters, (For an additional fee we can sort out your personal taxation matters too).

SA Biz UK will provide you with the services of a personal account manager, who will keep you posted at every stage and manage your account effectively and ensures that the running is smooth.

Our Charges

A Biz UK Ltd charges you a a FLAT RATE service fee ,once a month ,unlike most of the companies who charge you on a percentage basis we charge you on a flat fee basis and you will appreciate the fact that it works out much lesser than the percentage basis fee.

There are no hidden costs involved .The charges are discussed initially and agreed with you based on your daily rate, length of the contract and remain same throughout.

Our charges are very competitive .We offer top class, unmatched, honest and professional service for an extremely competitive flat rate fee.

By our FLAT RATE fee, even if your daily rate increases you can be assured that our costs stay the same and the extra money which you earn goes straight into your pocket.

Contact us to find out more about our Umbrella company services for your contracting needs.

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