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  • Why there is little or few leads coming from my website?
  • Why my Google ad spend is not bringing in the desired results.
  • Why users leave my home page without navigating other pages?
  • Why users don’t submit inquiry forms?
  • Why website doesn’t have more sign-ups?
  • Is my website doing what it should do?
  • My website looks good to me but is it doing the job correctly?

If your answer is YES but are not sure of how to address this issue ,  we are here to help you with the Website Usability Audit of your website.

What is Website Usability Analysis?

Website usability is the ease with which visitors are able to use your website.

If your website visitors find your website easy to navigate and find information, they are much more likely to become you customer. Therefore the purpose of performing a website usability analysis is to ensure your website is as easy as possible to use, and as effective as possible in turning your visitors into customers.


The usability of a website can be improved at any stage of its life cycle. A usability audit is used to breakdown websites usability, identifying trouble spots and recommending solutions. Usability testing on the other hand can be used to fine tune websites usability, accurately measuring visitor responses to variations of content ultimately identifying specific ways to improve aspects of a website.
Whether you need a complete overhaul of your website or fine tuning  our expert teams can help you achieve your goals.

The Process
At SA Biz UK Ltd we have extensive experience of working with websites day in and day out.  Using our expertise, we are able to identify website usability problem areas and give actionable recommendations to correct the same.

When conducting a Usability Audit, we create profiles of the typical users, and ascertain the type of requirements they may have. We analyse the tasks and processes visitors may perform on a particular site, the typical navigation routes they take. Some of the issues may seem quite minor, but the cumulative effect of several small difficulties is often enough for a visitor to leave a site early.
We cover several areas of the website  such as :Identity, Visual design, Home page,Navigation,Content ,Graphics, Site search,Links,Heading & Titles, Forms and analyse in depth these points.

Browser Compatibility.

Does your site work across all popular browsers? How well is your site adapted for mobile browsers?


  • Calls to action. Are offers clear and compelling?
  • Content. Are key messages coming across loud and clear?
  • Forms. Are contact forms inviting and easy to use?
  • Imagery. Are site graphics consistent and persuasive?
  • Navigation. Can visitors easily find what they need?
  • Page Layout. Is user attention drawn to your most important content elements?
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout. Is the ordering process intuitive and enjoyable?
  • Technical Issues. Does your site contain broken links? How quickly do pages and images load?

The combined use of  tracking technology and  our expertise allows us to analyse and interpret exactly how your visitors respond to every aspect of your website and ultimately identify what it is that converts a visitor into a customer. For example, we can see where visitors enter a site, how they navigate a site, what they look at, and where they exit.

The recommendations we provide after analysing the problems we identify with a site can be   easily corrected, with minimal disruption and change to the look and feel of the site, however, the impact – in terms of customer satisfaction and conversion rates – can be dramatic.

Our knowledge of internet usage and systems will greatly improve the value of Usability Testing to you

By analysing every aspect of your business and your customers, we build an understanding of both what you offer and what your customers are looking for. This is extremely important to us as it gives us the knowledge we need in order to assess what aspects of your pages are going to have the most impact on your clients whilst ensuring your message is clear.

Results you will achieve with our website usability analysis:

  • Improved leads and inquiries through website.
  • Increased Qualified leads
  • Increased Sales volume
  • Improved ROI from Google adspend  and PPC campaigns
  •  Improved brand identityIncrease in  market share
  • More page views for advertising
  • Constructive Engagement of  users

We can help with usability analysis at any stage of a website’s life cycle, whether you require an existing site to be analysed or are interested in having a new site created which is more usable. Call us now on 01234862141 or contact us  for a personalised advice and further information on your website usability.

Website usability

  • Review of Ease of use
  • Content review
  • Review of design
  • Review of performance
  • Image tagging
  • Call to Action buttons
  • Inclusion of forms
  • Page lay out assessment
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased leads and conversions
  • Constructive engagement
  • More page views
  • Brand enhancement