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Penetration Testing

  • Is your Website Hack proof
  • Injections attack prevention
  • Applicaton logic attacks
  • Cross site scripting
  • Authentication bypasses
  • Security misconfigurations
Website Application Testing (WAPT)

Websites and Web based applications are vulnerable to various attacks , these attacks can be simple such as defacing the websites or stealing user data or disrupting the webbased operations . For example any such disruption for an ecommerce portals can cause lot of financial losses. Merely having firewalls or layer 7 devices are not enough as the root cause lies at the code level vulnerabilities, hence WAPT is essential  and highly recommended.

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Mobile app security testing

Security vulnerability in mobile apps, not only put the customers at risk, but also can lead to financial loss for the company due to unauthorized transactions, direct access to the database, misuse of loyalty points or discount vouchers.

Our experienced security teams test your Android or iOS applications to find potential vulnerabilities and offer solutions to fix the same. After gathering information about the application, the API calls, the function and procedure calls within the application, the review begins with a detailed scan and search into the application’s architecture. Then thorough testing to find existing vulnerabilities is followed by manual exploitations that let us discover any weaknesses.


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Mobile App Security Testing

  • Mobile App Security Testing
  • Mobiel App reports
  • Mobile code audit




Cloud apps security testing

  • Cloud Web layer exploits
  • Cloud VPC Network security exploits
  • Authentication problems
  • Configuration problems
  • Database related problems
Cloud application Security Testing

The current trend is that most of the web applications are moving to cloud technology. In a way this enhances the application functionality, at the same time it also introduces security issues. Since everything is virtual in case of a cloud hosting, it is difficult to gain fine grain control of the "data at rest" and "data in transit".

As more and more businesses are moving their applications to the cloud,it is more important than ever to take cloud security seriously.Our expert team can help secure your cloud based applications.

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